Aqua Blue Collection

  • My Favourite colour. This buttoned cushion is double sided
  • Filled with my special wadding so it is durable and soft
  • Fully washable on a gentle cycle in a front loader or by hand
  • All prices include delivery to Dalby or Pick up from Dalby Florist
  • Credit Card over the phone or eftpos on delivery  



This stunning satin double sided and buttoned medium cushion is also filled with Eleanor’s magic wadding so it is completely washable. 4 available


This satin fabric is designed by Eleanor using a combination of painting, photography, computer manipulation and then printed in USA. A matching mounted art piece can also be purchased.

Cushion $20 Art Work $60

The other side showing the paisley side


Large size, cotton and polyester filling that won’t clump. Fully washable. Has a flange edge.


Made of Triple weave so it is durable , washable and cosy soft. Large size. 2 available.


Only one available in exquisite colors of mauve, blue and aqua with a dash of gold. Finished with a braid and satin trim.


This cushion can be purchased without the filling as it is zipped. Satin self stripe and true to the color seen.

$10 skin only $20 with insert

Large filled cotton outer + magic filling and satin buttons. 2 available


Close up of the satin button

perfect BO HO look. 4 different designs available using this same collection of fabrics in cotton and satin taffeta.


Canvas cushion factory filled insert. Selling at cost.


Team any of these cushions with a funky sign and you will have a great look.

Find out how you can make your own sign in your choice of colors. Check out the Mezzie and Frank page.