Blinds :

Panel Glides

Panel glides are the modern alternative to Vertical Drapes. They are designed to cover large areas like our Bi-fold doors. They are also child friendly as the panels are attached by Velcro so the worst that can happen with little ones is that a panel is ripped off. Easily fixed. Panel Glides are brilliant at letting the view in. You can have the track extend on side or the other or both sides and the panels can then pull completely out of the way.

Pelmets can give the panel glide a clever finish but if you only want the track it can have a fabric insert. The track comes in a number of finishes and Eleanor will guide you through the choices to get that designer co-ordinated look.

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Holland Blinds

Holland blinds are the simple solution for privacy or temperature control. They can be installed in the reveal (inside the architrave) or on the face of the architrave. You can elect to have a chain (in stainless steel or hard wearing plastic) or a spring mechanism.

There is a good range of bottom rails and decorative ideas. They can also be installed as a double blind using a block out and a sheer together. Choose from hundreds of fabrics and co-ordinate your soft furnishings.

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