M & F Products Explained.

Chalk Effects.

Paint for a matte chalky finish on furniture + walls.

  • Specifically developed to satisfy the impatience of the DIY home project enthusiast as well as the seasoned professional.
  • Self priming, versatile and forgiving.
  • There are no rules as the imperfections in the furniture pieces become the perfections and the characteristics.
  • Adheres to most surfaces without the need to prime, sand or repair.
  • Everything in the one can – Primer, Undercoat and colour of your choice.
  • High gloss surfaces like metal, laminate or two pac we suggest a light sand to key the paint in.
  • Contains a tannin blocker
  • Quick drying. 30 minutes between coats.

1 litre = $56.95

120mls = $18.95


M and F Carnauba Wax

  • Body Butter consistency for easy application
  • Easy to remove the excess
  • Buffs to an amazing shine.
  • Hardens and protects the chalk paint over the next 5-21 days. Once hardened you will have a durable surface.

200mls = $37

Clear Acrylic Sealer

  • Handy treatment when you don’t want to do the elbow grease in places that are not as important such as inside draws.
  • Easy to apply and can seal and protect your chalk paint quickly.

1 litre – $37

M and F Crackle

  • Brush on in zigzag or brick pattern and allow to dry but no longer than 60 minutes
  • The thicker the coat the bigger the cracks
  • Can be applied straight over wood or over two coats of Chalk Effect
  • Apply a coat of desired Chalk Effect paint careful not to go over the same area twice or else you will remove the Crackle.
  • Allow time to dry and be fascinated by watching it work. (Really Fun)
  • Sand to taste then wax or seal.

300 mls = $22.95

Frank’s Fondant

My Favourite Technique

  • Pliable flexible cement to produce an raised effect
  • Use with the M and F Stencils
  • Tape on the stencil to your project to prevent movement
  • Using a Tilers Squeegee and a spoon apply an even amount  to the edge of the squeegee
  • Start with the squeegee at a 45 degree angle and as you continue over the stencil decrease the angle to apply an even layer
  • Remove the stencil then allow the fondant to dry

500 mls = $20.95

  • Light sand then paint or wax

Mezzie’s Modge

An amazing glue treatment for many different techniques

Very fast drying which can save up to 12 hours between steps.

Also used for the Transfer Technique

3oo mls + $15.50

Dark Wax

A beautiful product to darken wood

Gives a worn and old look to paint

Protects and shines

200 gm $37

Wax Buff Metallic Finish

Use over the paint or immediately on metal such as handles or fondant.

18 gms = $12.50