Mezzie and Frank Chalk Paint


Eleanor’s Creative Interiors is the first again!

Australian Made and Owned

Environmentally Friendly

Very Safe to Use even if Pregnant

Easy to use and FUN

No Sanding required before you start

No Stripping of old surfaces

No Priming on most surfaces

So many effects to be achieved

Work that’s fun gets done! 

I bought this solid wooden cupboard from the Antique Store in Dalby for very few dollars. Check out the change!

Finished and in my bathroom holding those bulky towels. This was my first go at a project and it was easy.

Note the handle that I saved from another project. M and F Paint will stick to everything including metal and glass!

Easy Steps to re-purpose

Free from a through out pile in Brisbane. It was almost toxic but with potential.

Normally you wouldn’t need to sand but because it’s mate wasn’t as scratched as this one I did do a bit of sanding. I also noted the dark stain at the front of the top.

  1. I chose a colour from the large range of M and F paints. This one is called Noosa. It is actually lighter than what it looks here.
  2. I dusted off the dust and critters and started to paint! No sanding No primer required
  3. After the second coat had dried I finished them with paint on acrylic sealer

  1. Two coats of Noosa but
  2. The stain I saw was a problem and kept bleeding into the paint
  3. No worries. A couple of coats of the acrylic sealer and no bleeds

Now the Fun really starts!

  1. I chose a stencil from the large range from M and F
  2. Taped to the cleaned and dried surface
  3. Got out Frank’s Fondant and a Squeegee

Now that is sexy!

  1. Two coats of King Island Paint.
  2. Replaced the stencil over the raised relief and taped it down

With a feather brush I accented the relief with Noosa

How easy is this to really highlight and accent.

  1. A light sanding makes the draw ready
  2. Wax with M and F Cannuba Wax
  3. Polish with a clean cloth. I like old tea towels.

  1. Two coats of King Island White
  2. Sand back to your taste
  3. Wax and polish

Waiting for new Draw Pulls. I think I will buy some cheep square ones and paint them Noosa as well.

Check out the sheen after waxing and polish.

Remember what I started off with ?

Cost me $60 in product + Creativity + Fun Time = Absolutely Fabulous!

Drab to Fab