Pet Cushions

To celebrate a furry friend!

Simple to do. Take a photo of your friend using the biggest pixel setting. Email this photo to me. I will get it printed on fabric in USA. When it comes home (2-3 weeks) I then make it into a cushion. Here are a couple of my friends.

I also made one with a really cute poodle and another of a loved old pony. Her owner had spent days pulling out her old coat which she saved and used it to make the insert for the cushion. Sadly, the pony died the day before I delivered the cushion case. After some tears and a hug this young lady felt so much better.

$35 a cushion with insert.

This is my beautiful Parade Horse Warlock being ridden by my daughter Jessica. I sold him a few weeks later and it  is nice to have this lovely cushion to cuddle. I was able to make two. One for me and one as a thank you for Jess.

This was Jimmy my beloved Rottweiler who was such a character and faithful friend. He lay down and died a month ago. I was so pleased to have this photo of him as the magnificent stud dog he was. I miss him but I can cuddle the cushion and remember him.