Venetians Blinds :

Venetians are popular for the modern Queensland look. Very tropical. Now that we have them in PVC they are almost indestructible. The PVC is recommended for wet areas or where the windows get the full blast of the sun in the west. They can be dressed up with a matching pelmet and come in White, Winter White and Timber look. Basswood Venetian Blinds can give the organic subtle feel and they are available in a number of stains.

The best thing with Venetians is you can have brackets on the bottom so they don’t bang and you can open the fins to let in the breeze.

Venetian Blinds come in two grades of quality. Made to Measure will be able to fit any size of window down to the small window in the WC.

Economy Venetians have some limits but normally can be fitted to most windows. Ask for a quote and you will be pleasantly surprised.